Friday, 1 March 2013

Something for the weekend - The Prestige

Hello, this weeks 'Something for the weekend' is..

The Prestige

by Christopher Priest

Is the book always better than the film?* It's a good question; can you think of any films that are better than the source material? I really enjoyed Christopher Nolan's film of this novel but once again the book is even
From what I remember of the film (it's been a while) it concentrates entirely on the rivalry between two Victorian magicians. Each trying to discover the secret of the other's 'Prestige' (the apparent teleportation illusion they both perform) they resort to desperate, devious tricks. While that takes up a good part of the book Priest counterpoints the entertaining rivalry with a bleak modern tale of identity, uncertainty & loss. The present day narrators searching the text for answers that they may not like but that they need.

As you'll see it's a Gollancz SF Masterwork, now I like a bit of Sci-Fi but I would implore you not to let that description put you off if you don't. What you have here is a riveting, eerie thriller that anyone can enjoy. It's a compelling, heart in the mouth type of book. I think I may read it again!

*Oh & 'Blade Runner' is by the way.. sorry Philip K fans but come on.. disagree? Post a comment!


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