Friday, 8 March 2013

Something for the weekend.. The Man Who Planted Trees..

This weeks Something for the weekend is..

The Man Who Planted Trees
By Jean Giono

It may be quite a short and simple story but The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono will always be one
of my favourites, it is the most inspirational and thoughtful of books.

This beautiful allegorical tale not only conveys the idea of importance of appreciating & protecting the harmonies of nature, it also emphasizes the immense powers of abilities of all people. This story is so inspirational because it shows that every person is able to do countless good deeds during their life which can result in creating even more and more happiness for other people. No matter where we are or what we do, we can always try to make an asset to our society and to help others.

The novel centres around an extraordinary character - Elzeard Bouffier who decides to devote his life to planting trees in a desolated, ruined and lifeless region. During his humble and peaceful life, he manages to cover a massive area of land with trees. By his regular and persistent work he turns the miserable piece of land into a beautiful place where one would wish to live, where there are restored forests, fields, valleys and meadows but more importantly people with hope. "...more than ten thousand people must owe their happiness to Elzeard Bouffier."

I believe that The Man Who Planted Trees is one of those books which should be in everyones library as it is such a wise and unforgettable story which is really nice to frequently return to.


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