Friday, 15 March 2013

Some DVDs for the weekend!

Hello, bit different this week, did you know we stock DVDs? Well we do & what's more we've got an excellent range & they are at excellent prices! So for this weeks recommendations I've picked a few of my personal favourites out. At time of writing all these titles are in stock & £5.00 each or under! - they are what I would call 'a right bargain'. So here they are:

Edge of Darkness, starring Bob Peck, Joanne Whalley & Joe Don Baker
 (2 discs) £5.00
This is a riveting 80's Eco/political thriller from the BBC. I didn't see it at the time & only caught up with it after a recommendation. It's unbelievably tense & Peck should/would have been a star if not for his untimely death -  you cannot take your eyes off him. It's particularly good when Peck's gruff understated Yorkshire copper shares scenes with Joe Don Baker's (James Bond) slightly deranged, hilarious CIA agent. Just brilliant.

Annie Hall, starring Woody Allen & Diane Keaton. (1 disc) £5.00
Surely i don't need to say much here. One of my favourites, it's funny, clever, & wise. Even if you think you don't like Woody Allen (& you're wrong by the way) seek this out. Worth 5 pounds just to see Allen's face as a very young Christopher Walken tells him of his 'inner thoughts'.

The Apartment, starring Jack Lemmon & Shirley MacLaine (1disc) £4.00
An absolute classic, everyone at the top of their game. Lemmon in particular has never been more likable. He plays CC Baxter, toiling away in a thankless impersonal office building, he starts to climb the ladder by letting his bosses use his apartment for nefarious purposes. Things begin to unwind when he falls for the lift lady Miss Kubelik (Maclaine - charming). This film will make you laugh & cry, it's a heart warmer of the highest degree. They really don't make them like this anymore.

This is Spinal Tap, starring Christopher Guest, Michael McKean & Harry Shearer. (3 discs) £5.00.
Yes you know it, but do you own it? 3 discs for £5.00, we're too good to you!

Immortal Beloved, starring Gary Oldman. (1 disc) £4.00
Oldman plays Ludwig Van Beethoven. I'm a big fan of Mr Oldman & he doesn't disappoint here with a grand, sweeping performance. It's a fascinating sumptuous film, that delves into the mystery of just who was Beethoven's Immortal Beloved. Needless to say the soundtracks not bad either.

So there's just a few I like & I could have picked a lot more! We also stock factual series (such as Carl Sagan's Cosmos, Attenborough's Living Planet etc), box sets.. all sorts. So come & have a look & treat yourself to a film, or a series or both.


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