Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas is coming...

and here's a little taste of what we're up to.

If you've been into our shop recently you may have noticed there's a distinct flavour of Christmas happening at Blackwell's. We've decked the halls with garlands, the Christmas trees are twinkling, and we have tables groaning under the weight of exciting and beautiful books.

We've decided to get an early start on the celebrations of Dickens' birth (February 2012 is his 200th), by stocking up on a range of Victorian treats for that traditional festive feel. So we have a table of Victorian novels past and present, which includes all the classics (Dickens, Collins, Hardy) and some of our favourite modern novels set during the period (Sarah Waters, Michel Faber, Angela Carter). We've also got great books on Victorian London and social history.

Most thrilling of all we have two special late night events in December. December 8th sees the launch of our Steampunk night in partnership with the Kitschies.

There will be literary and artistic goodies galore at this special evening, including tasters of Kraken Black Spiced Rum to warm us up. More about this event can be found here and on Facebook.
Don't know much about steampunk? Our guest bloggers will be posting scintillating articles here over the next few weeks to tempt you in, so keep on checking the blog.

The second of our late nights may appeal more to those who are not into fantastical machines and leather corsets. Historians Kate Williams (Becoming Queen, England's Mistress) and Louise Raw (Striking a Light) will be celebrating women's lives in Victorian Britain, from queens to fallen women, over some free wine and mince pies.

Both events are free and anyone can come and get into the holiday spirit with us while browsing our incredible books. We'll be dressing up in bustles and top hats, you are welcome to join in with that, too! Watch this space for more information...

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