Friday, 24 May 2013

Something for the weekend... The Art of Iphoneography

The Art of Iphoneography: a guide to mobile creativity

by Stephanie C Roberts.

Having just completed a three year degree course in digital photography, I find myself in a position where competing for photographic jobs is an extraordinarily difficult challenge, even with the degree under my belt. Now I'm not blaming anyone in particular for this, but in the current digital age we live in, I can actually blame everybody. Everyone is a photographer. Everyone either has a camera, or more commonly a mobile phone with a pretty nifty camera attached, and this means that at any point, and at any time, we can all call ourselves photographers.

Now, for some reason, I'm about to make things worse for myself, because I am about to recommend you a book that will help you turn yourself from an habitual snapper into a fully fledged iPhoneographer.

Stephanie Calabrese Roberts' book The Art of iPhoneography, now in its second edition, sets out to inspire and inform you on how to create better images using only your iPhone. Outlining a selection of must have apps, all of which that I have to agree with, the book shows you not only how to take stronger photographs, but also how to better edit and distribute them as you see fit. For inspiration to get you taking photos of anything other than your dinner, you can find a section that gives ideas for projects and photo-journals to keep your images developing. And if that doesn't get your fingers pressing the screen of your phone, then you can always flick through the examples of work included by professional iPhoneographers to see if yours can compete, some of which beggars belief that they were actually created using an iPhone.

Overall this well presented and fully informed book is a must have for anyone with a camera enabled phone, or even for professional photographers such as myself, just don't try and steal my clients with the amazing shots you'll start to produce.

One of my favourite iPhoneographers can be found here:

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