Friday, 14 October 2011

Something for the weekend...

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

Are the increasingly cold and dark evenings making you feel like Winter is looming with nothing to brighten up the season except Christmas, still more than two months away? Settle in on the sofa this weekend with a book that will cheer the blackest of hearts.

An American humourist who revels in human frailty without ever being cruel, this is a great introduction to David Sedaris. In this collection he explores the difficulties of communicating successfully with other people. These include his high school speech therapist (brought in to train him and other 'future homosexuals of America' out of their lisps), his large and hilarious family, a writing class in Chicago and the French class he attends in Paris.

I laugh out loud every time I re-read this book, which can have its drawbacks on the tube. But for a light read that will fill you with glee, immerse yourself in Sedaris' world and revel in his joy when he finally understands enough French to decipher his teacher as she tells him, 'Every day spent with you is like having a cesarean section'. She is utterly wrong.
Sarah T

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