Thursday, 29 September 2011

Super Thursday!!

It's Super Thursday!!

You may be asking 'What's so super about it?' Good question (if not a touch cynical), what's super is that there were 200 books released today! Today is the day that the books you & your aunts & your brothers & your aunts brothers (or is that you again?) will wake up to on Christmas morning hit the shops.

I've picked a few of titles to highlight what a 'Super Thursday' this is & I've even put them in categories to make it double easy:

Every year some comedian or other likes to tell us their life story & this year is no different
Lee Evans, James Corden & Alan Sugar all have hilarious titles released today - that Sugar cracks me up. But for me the highlight has to be the long awaited (in East Anglia) publication of the follow up to 'Bouncing Back' (now sadly out of print), yes 'I Partridge: we need to talk about Alan'  by Alan Partridge is released today 'AHA!'. Seriously though this looks brilliant, I've had a sneaky look & it's hilarious (expect a SFTW of it very soon)

Maybe your relatives are of a more serious bent? Maybe they don't give a tinkers cuss for the trials & tribulations of some pampered fop! Well in that case there are eagerly anticipated  new books out today by Lee Child (The Affair), Robert Harris (The Fear Index) & Peter James (Dead man's grip'). So they can get their teeth into to some top drawer thrillers.

Or perhaps they just like a nice cake, who doesn't? If so, today sees the release of new titles by Jamie Oliver (Jamie's Great Britain), Martha Swift (The Primrose bakery book) & Lorraine Pascal (Home cooking).

Other notable titles to part you from your pennies are Max Hastings epic 'All hell let loose' & Bernard Cornwell's 'Death of Kings'. Or how about Jacqueline Wilson's 'Sapphire Battersea' (one for the kiddies there), or last but not least -  Darren Shan's 'Palace of the damned' (for slightly older kiddies).

So, basically on 'Super Thursday' there is something for everyone, Christmas is closer than you think (& that's a good thing) get your thinking caps on - what would your Aunt like? (It's Alan Partridge by the way).



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